Why Should You Live In Rural Areas And Not In Cities?

Cities are wonderful. You have easy access to everything you need. They are bustling and lively, and you would always find something entertaining to do at any time of the day. Do you want to go bowling with your friends? You can. Just head to a bowling alley and spend some quality time with your friends while sharing a pint and waiting to get a strike. Do you want to go shopping with your friends? Well, you are spoilt for choice! Designer stores, shopping malls, dollar stores­— you can shop wherever you want. Do you have to pay your bills? Well, you can pay it online because you have 4G Wi-Fi.

City life is so convenient. You can get so much done with just a quick walk or an easy commute.

But Is That All There Is To Life?

Living in a busy city comes with a price. If you live in Melbourne, for example, you would need to be quite wealthy. Housing is expensive, and a studio apartment would set you back thousands of dollars in rent. Even basic items like groceries are more expensive in cities than they are elsewhere, so you might end up spending a lot just on fresh produce, dairy, and meat. What’s more, even spending time in a bowling alley or a cinema will cost you. Then you have bills and taxes which would take away a significant chunk of your income. Speaking of income, you would need to work a well-paying job to ensure that you can afford a high quality of life—unless you can handle juggling two or three jobs. Unfortunately, not all jobs that pay well are actually fulfilling. On top of all this, you have to deal with rush hour traffic and problems like pollution and overcrowding.

  • And all this for what?
  • For convenience?
  • Is it worth it?

Living is not all about convenience. There is so much more to it. Living is about experiencing the little things that make you stop and appreciate the world around you. Living is about having meaningful relationships. Living is accepting who you are and leading a fulfilling life that resonates with what you believe in.

To truly live, you need to move away from the city at least once in your life and experience the rural parts of the country. You can buy a rural property for sale Victoria east of Melbourne for just a fraction of the cost of a house back in the city. This doesn’t mean you have to live in an old-fashioned farmhouse. There are houses available that come equipped with every modern facility. So you would always have a Wi-Fi access.

Rural areas are beautiful and peaceful.  You will feel closer to nature and to yourself. Where else can you find clear blue lakes, green fields and mountains? The air is fresh and the water is pure. The food you eat is untainted by chemicals. And every day you will wake up to see the sun rise. And before you go to bed, you can enjoy quiet nights without the sounds of the city to disturb you.

You can get all of this and more for just a fraction of the cost of living in a city. So why chase after convenience? Take a break and enjoy a more relaxed and peaceful life. Don’t just live. Live a fulfilling life.

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