Ways to Quickly Sell Your Tickets

Some people face certain dilemmas when purchasing a concert or sporting event ticket. One, they’ve decided they do not want to go after all. Two, something came up rendering them unable to attend the said event. And three, they’ve bought the wrong one. Note that these three are just among the very few. So, now what? What to do with the not needed ticket? Thinking it would be a waste to give it for free is a true thought. So, the next option is to sell it. And how do you do just that? Well, here are five ways to quickly sell your tickets.

Market and Advertise

Like all products and services, the best way to attract people to engage in them is through marketing and advertising. Even with just a simple product like tickets, it is very necessary to advertise them at every single marketplace you can find. There are tons of them out there just at the tip of your fingertips. Social media platforms are one of the best ways to market your tickets. Facebook now even has a dedicated page called Marketplace primarily for advertising, buying and selling.

Sell at a Reasonable but Still Profitable Price

Buyers are always attracted to discounts. They will always find ways to pay less for the same value or item. So, have a try at discounting your ticket by a few percent but still make sure that this is still within a very profitable price range. It may be a bit of a loss of potential income. But hey, that’s better than not getting it sold at all, right?

Have a Go in Online Marketplaces

Social Media platforms are not the only available online arenas for selling your tickets. Apart from the usual Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can also sell your tickets at ticket booking websites. Yes, even if they primarily are focused on selling tickets, some websites also purchase tickets from you, especially if they are AFL tickets.

Tap Your Connections

It pays to know some people. Literally, you may know people who know people who want to buy the tickets you have. By making a friend refer your sale to their other friends, you are widening the area and range of your potential customers. Also, word of mouth is also one of the fastest ways of promotion. Your connections can even help your social media advertisements gain more acknowledgment when they share it. So, it really is great to have people who can help you, most especially in your business pursuits.

Make a Last Minute Sale

Another option to do is a last minute sale. What is that exactly? It’s selling your ticket during the date and in the venue of the event. Especially for popular concerts or sporting games, there’s a high chance that people have been told that tickets have already been sold out. Then, there you are, a hero in their midst who’s enthusiastically willing to sell their tickets. People in need will surely flock and hover over that possibly last key to the gates of paradise.

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