The Cheapest Ways to Spruce up Your Home

Every now and then our homes need a bit of an update or we get a little restless. It is good to change things up a bit every little while if you can afford to. But it does not have to cost you much to spruce up your home anyway; you can actually do it for cheap with these useful tips and tricks:

A Touch of Paint

A fresh coat of paint on your walls goes a long way. Whether it is for your home or your workspace, a brand new coat can really liven up the space. And if you want to get even more creative (especially if you have kids at home) use chalkboard paint on one wall in the kids play area or on the inside of a large cupboard or even in the kitchen. It is super cheap yet very stylish and it is currently trending, so everyone who renovates their home these days is likely to have something coated in chalkboard paint. It will give your kids an area that they can freely draw on without causing any trouble. Thus unleashing their creative potential and it can be easily cleaned too so you have nothing to worry about.


The art of camouflage, as I like to call it. You do not have to replace everything certain things you can just hide. For example: cover an old sofa with a fancy plush overthrow or get a new rug that brings your whole space together. These are just simple ways to transform your space without having to deal with the hefty price tag.

Window Treatments

You can elevate the luxuriousness of your space so easily with some glamorous new window treatments. It will work just as well as when you repaint your walls, it just transforms the space. Raise the curtain rods and add floor-length curtains in order to make the windows look more elongated. This trick makes the space look like it has more natural light than it actually has thus giving your space a whole new look.

Curb Appeal

If the outside of your house is just as inviting as the inside, then you are sure to be more excited to come home. You can create more curb appeal by cutting down the plants that are covering your front door or overgrowing onto your walkway. Plant new flowering plants that add beauty to your home. Even changing the handle of the front door to something sleek and elegant can totally create a new look. You can also paint the front door a bright shade of red, yellow or deep blue so people will remember it. The paint for your front door will not be your standard paint, so if you do not know where to purchase it, just go to your local painters Brisbane and get their help regarding what brand and shade to purchase.

And there you have it a few simple and cheap ways to just give your home new life. You can try out any or all of these tricks. Either way, you will love the outcome!

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