Sofa Aftercare That Promotes Your Furniture’s Longevity

You’ll know that you save enough money from the medical furniture that you purchase if these are well kept and are still used no matter how many years have passed. Buying furniture for medical use is no joke because it also affects the image of your clinic or your hospital. That’s why you have to be selective and observant when looking for the best item.

It also goes with the sofa used by patients for examination or for patients who are waiting to see the doctor. You have to consider the people who will be using it. Will it bring comfort to them or not? Is it clean or not? Because cleanliness should be a number one priority to your clinic or it will leave a wrong impression on your patients.

So what to do to keep your sofa clean no matter how long it has been used? These are the tips to ponder.

Cleaning The Fabric Of The Sofa

Cleaning your examination couches or the couch used by patients waiting for their doctor is not rocket science. Even in small spills, you should not panic as there are practical ways to deal with it. Instead of stressing yourself in rubbing the small stain in your couch, the best thing to do is to wipe it with a damp cloth. Afterward, immediately wipe it again with a soft and dry cloth. To avoid the stain to stay long, make it a habit of vacuuming or brushing it weekly. It has to been done on a regular basis as dirt and stain are agents of wear and tear.

Maintaining The Leather Cover On Your Sofa

If you have a leather sofa, you should wipe any spillage immediately. Don’t let it sit for too long. In cleaning such furniture, you should never use solvent-based cleaners as this removes the shine in the leather and make it looked faded and brittle. As much as possible keep away sharp objects from the leather as it can scratch or cut the fabric which is impossible to fix. And the most important thing, keep it away from a direct hit of sunlight as its colors will fade.

For quick cleaning, you can use a vacuum to remove dirt and crevices stuck in the leather sofa.

Keeping Your Fully Cushioned Round Sofa

Before you clean your fully cushioned sofa, it is best to remove the cushions first. Give it a good squeeze so it can go back to its previous shape and rotate on each side so it would get the same wear. It can be done for a week for cushions filled with foam and a month for pillows that are filled with feathers.

Use appropriate cleaning materials

In wiping your couch, you don’t use a cloth or an old shirt. The most suitable material for sofa cleaning is a towel made from microfibers. It helps maintain the aesthetics of the sofa, especially the leather type.

These are some of the aftercare tips that you can apply if you want to maintain your sofa.

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