Overview to present day yoga

The international yoga day is held on the 21st of June each year after the call for its adoption by India’s Pri-minister Hon. Narendra Modi who also included in the world Guinness record book for heading the world’s largest yoga class with the most number of nationalities attending same in commemoration of same in the year 2015.

As a discipline, yoga is influenced by many major religions in the east such as Buddhism and Jainism with more of the weight relied on Hinduism which has scripts as way back as 3 century BC where it mentions yoga as a meditation practise. The concept of yoga is derived by merging the mind, body and soul and in countries such as India even to date there are practicing yogis whose life evolves around the teaching of yoga and its principles.

The western approach to yoga was initiated by swami Vivekananda in the 19th century (during his visit to Europe) who was a great humanitarian who contributed towards the unity of the interfaith and was in the process of introducing India’s most celebrated traditions and norms in order to facility a better understanding about the country he took great pride in belonging to. Though it is looked at as a spiritual approach to uniting body and soul in the east the more rational thinking western world sees it more as a means of exercise.

Yoga has quite an impressive following all over the world that is why Yoga workout full length pants Australiaand in other countries has great sales all year around. Yoga positions involve many complex positions be it sitting, standing, squatting, reclining and balancing positions that call for well-fitting clothing that does not get in the way of stretching and holding that position. It is advisable to attire in tights that will allow to manure your lower body freely as most positions include long period of times in meditation/ silence.

If followed properly the yoga asanas promise many benefits both in the medical sense and other. It is believed to help achieve a heightened sense of focus and mindfulness in children and in adults it is believed to help with coping with stress and fatigue. This is in addition to the health benefits of regular exercise in the form of yoga. But like any sport/ leisure activity you take on it requires you to follow due diligence by not exhausting your body to extremes and not enrolling in yoga centres that are not duly accredited to teach as this can result in severe medical complications.

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