How to Write a Will?

You can actually start writing your own will but before you do that, you need to understand the many steps that go into it and what it entails. Your assets and bequests need to be very clear and simple so that you can do this will writing by yourself. If you have paid your taxes on time and not broken any of the laws and regulations of your state your will be found competent to be produced in any court of law and the materials in it will be executed as you have instructed. However, before any of that, here are some things that you need to understand step by step.

Introduction to Your Will

The first step would be for you to write down an introduction to your will. The labeling of the document should be very clear and it should read something like ‘The Last Will and the Testament…”. Then give your complete name as in your national identification and also a valid address. You will also need to state that you are an adult of over 18 years of age and that you are mentally competent enough to be making this will. You also need to state that you are not doing this because somebody is forcing you to do so.

Find the Executor

The executor could be anybody from estate lawyers Melbourne who know about the division of your properties to a family member that you can count on to carry out the contents of your will when you are no more. If you are married and your spouse is capable you can name them as the executor. However whoever that is, you will need to discuss with them beforehand and ask them about whether or not they are willing to act as executor once you are gone. Remember to select a second executor so that in the event of your demise, your first executor is unable to carry out their task due to some situation.

Nominate Your Heirs

Normally your life partner and your children will be the beneficiaries of the will. However, there are also chances where you may want to include other people in the will. Make sure that if you do so, you specifically and clearly mention their identities so that there is no murkiness around it. In most of the countries in the world, your legal spouse will be the person who is in place to inherit whatever you leave behind by default. If you want to disinherit your spouse and you are required to abide by this law, you will need to get legal help.

Name Guardians

If you have any minors or dependent children under you, you will also need to appoint a guardian for them. That is if they are still minors. If that is the case, the person that you have nominated will need to take care of them until they are no longer minors. You need to discuss this at length with the person that you are selecting because this is a massive responsibility. If you have failed to nominate a guardian, the court will appoint one for you in case of your demise.

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