How to Write a Memorable and Touching Eulogy?

A eulogy is defined in the dictionary as an eloquent piece of writing that greatly praises someone who recently died. It is meant as a tribute to the deceased. A eulogy is the words that are spoken in memory of them, to remember their life efforts and capture their spirit. Some eulogies will be remembered long after we are gone for the striking phrases and awe-inspiring quotes within them. Such as the eulogy given by Ronald Reagan for the crew of the Challenger (the much anticipated launch of the space shuttle that blew up in earth’s atmosphere minutes after taking off). Or the Eulogy that Steve Irwin’s young daughter Bindi Irwin delivered after the sudden death of her father.

Get Organized

When someone dies it can be difficult to actually sit down and sort of summarize their entire life in a few words. And although funeral directors gold coast can’t exactly help you write a eulogy, they can help you with everything else so you do not have to worry about anything. Put everything else out of the way for a few hours and then begin writing.

It Is Going To Hurt

If it is good it is probably going to hurt to write it. You might cry a little or a lot. But the more emotions you dredge up the more likely you will deliver a more honest speech. Do not get too emotional during the actual eulogy though. You have to be strong, you have to be expressive but not an emotional wreck or you will not be able to deliver your message. You can cry for sure but try to keep control of your emotions.

Small Truths

Keep the speech simple. Mention several small truths that other people recognize as the deceased individual’s character traits. Things like ‘He loved his children the most’ or ‘she dedicated her life to her work’.  The truth might not be something that everyone wants to hear but it has to clearly paint a picture of the deceased individual. So make it a good one.

Time and Comparisons

Do not take too much time to speak, as your speech is only one part of a huge process. You are not the main event; this is about the deceased. So try and stick to a limited time frame, do not overdo it and also avoid similes, similes tend to make people cringe and only remember how bad your whole speech was.

When you write the eulogy you need to be invested you need to feel it in your heart. You need to dig deep and bring out all of your emotions, your love, joy and sorrow about the life and death of the deceased. You also have to make sure to propagate their life missions (if it was one that intended to bring goodness to society) and unmask the real them to those who are listening to you. It is a huge responsibility but it is not impossible.

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