How to take care of your health

There is nothing more valuable than good health.  If you are healthy you will be fit to go about your life and the activities it involves with confidence. You will have the energy to tackle all the challenges ahead and reach your goals.  However, it is not easy to have good health. Sometimes due to unhealthy habits or medical conditions, your health may be compromised. Either way some of your effort it is still possible to take care of your health.  So here are a few things you need to know.

Have a healthy but maintainable diet

When it comes to diet, people tend to try to follow a strict diet overnight. While there is nothing wrong about this, the chances of following the diet over a long period of time are very low.  In case you are recovering after stomach cancer surgery singapore or the like, then it is absolutely crucial that you follow a strict diet. If that is not the case and you are just trying to be healthy then to maintain a healthy diet, think of substitute more than avoid. Start substituting unhealthy food with healthy options.

E.g. if you like to have cake with your evening tea, maybe substitute the cake for some low-calorie muffins instead. Instead of using vegetable oil, substitute it with coconut oil or olive oil. Another thing to remember when it comes to having a healthy diet is that if there is a food you love but have to sacrifice and are finding it very difficult to do so. Then instead of suddenly removing the food, try to gradually phase it out. For an example, if you wish to reduce the number of carbohydrates you consume but you love rice, then reduce the amount of rice you eat. If you have two cups worth of rice for lunch, then bring that down to one and a half and then gradually down to one.

Always remember to have an annual or bi-yearly checkup

Most illnesses can be treated with a high success rate when it is detected early. Sometimes you may think you are healthy but in actuality, you may be having an illness or a medical condition that has still not developed enough to cause severe symptoms. When symptoms do start to arise, it might be expensive and in some cases even difficult to treat the condition. By having an annual full body checkup, you can detect any abnormalities early and cure it. Especially in the case of HIV and cancer which are more treatable in the early stages of the condition than in later ones. So if you wish to remain healthy, visit your doctor at least once or twice a year and do a full check up.

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