How to Rock Body Suits for Plus-Sized Women?

For the most part, fashion has always leaned towards petite women. But today, plus-sized women had been rocking crop tops, low cut dress, and yes, body suits. Here are some ways you can create a fashion statement using body suits.

Go For Patterns That Make You Look Slimmer

There are special panel suits that you can use to create a slimming effect. Certain brands may carry these types of design and it usually comes in two-tones. By going for this design, it creates an illusion of a longer torso thus giving you a slimmer waist.

Draw Attention Away From The Waist

Just like any style guide, you’d want to take away the attention from portions you’d like to hide. In this case, you’d want to take away their attention from your love handles. There are bodysuits that have intricate patterns embroidered or printed on the chest area. Partner this with a casual jacket and you’re good to go!

Tucked In With High-Waist Pants

Wear any black plus size bodysuits and you’re sure to never go wrong. Black complements most body shapes and sizes. In this case, a bodysuit will provide seamless clothing that’s ‘clean’ and savvy. Wear any jacket of choice over your bodysuit and pair this with a pair of high-waist jeans to tuck in your belly.

Tucked In With A Skirt

For a well-balanced figure, you have all the curves in all the right places. You can use the body suit alone and pair this with an A-line skirt to accentuate your legs. A black polyester suit keeps your wardrobe versatile. Furthermore, if you’re still not feeling that ‘adventurous’ yet, this is a good color and fabric to start with.

Going Formal

You can opt for an elbow-sleeved or singlet bodysuit paired with an elegant skirt or high-waist slacks. With the right accessories and clutch-bag, you’re set for a dinner date! Some women pair these with a formal jacket for special occasions. It’s a versatile item to have your wardrobe if you’re pressed for time to look for fancy tops.

A Few Things To Remember Before Shopping Online

The best place to buy these bodysuits is through online. They offer a wide variety of clothing of this type fit for any sizes.

When you’re a plus-size, it’s really helpful to find out whether the fabric is stretchable or not. As some fabrics tend to stretch out more than others, it’s good to see how these will react when you use them. Try to see what other reviewers are saying about the product and see whether you need to size up or size down.

Return policies are also important to know before you purchase online. Some may allow exchanges while others only allow return only and then you pay for another dress. This could be particularly true for retailers selling these bodysuits at bargained prices.

It may also be good to remember the brands from which you brought from. It will save you more time and energy spent on researching for retailers selling clothes that you can fit in.

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