How To Plan a Rehearsal Dinner?

Ordinarily, the bride’s and groom’s families’ first meeting is not at the wedding. Instead many tend to first meet at the rehearsal dinner. Thus, that is why such an event is hosted so close to the wedding day. Then everyone would get the opportunity to meet each other. However, many couples don’t spend much time planning this event. That is because most of their attention would be focused on their wedding day. Therefore when this happens they tend to stress about this event at the last minute. But this is not a challenging event to plan.

Determine Who’s Hosting

We understand that you would have spent a considerable amount of time selecting the engagement venue hire in Geelong. But before you select a venue for this event you need to determine who would host it. Traditionally this was hosted by the parents of the groom. But in this day and age, many couples no longer follow these traditions. Therefore the couple has to determine among themselves who would host it. Sometimes the groom’s parents would offer to host it. But if they do not, the bride and the groom can host it together.


You may be aware of this by now. But this event is not as grand as the wedding. Therefore there is no need to spend a fortune on selecting a hotel banquet hall. Instead, you can opt to host it in a restaurant. That is because you would not have an extensive guest list. Ordinarily only the close friends and family members would be invited. Then you would not need a big venue to accommodate all these guests.

Furthermore, if the weather permits you can host this event outdoors. To do this you can use your own backyard. This way it would be easy to maintain a casual atmosphere. That is because there is no need for the guests to dress up for this event. We understand that they cannot come in jeans. But neither is there a need for them to arrive in tuxedoes.

Guest List

This is another important aspect of the event. You would understandably invite the entire bridal party. Furthermore, the immediate family from both sides would also be invited. Some individuals are happy to keep the guest list limited to these individuals. But others feel as if they should invite the out of town guests. That is because they have arrived all the way to simply attend the wedding.

The rehearsal dinner does not have to be a challenging event to plan. Instead, you should keep it casual.

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