How to Clean Your Teeth When You Are Wearing Braces?

Having to deal with braces is difficult enough as it is. But having to maintain and take care of your braces by cleaning it properly is another hurdle in and of itself. So here is what you have to do (along with some handy tips) to take care of your braces:

Get Info from the Right Place

When you go to your local chatswood dentist, make sure to ask him about how you can take care of your braces. He will very clearly explain how you need to brush your teeth by demonstrating with a brush and a set of teeth. Watch carefully and listen well! The orthodontic clinical staff will tell you what you can and cannot eat. You will get a list of foods to avoid such as chewing-gum and very hard fruits. The instructions and information you get is the first step in this process of ‘how to clean your teeth when wearing braces. And if you ever have any doubts you can always ask and clarify them by talking to the dentist. Or if you need a question answered instantly, then just ask Google and you are bound to get a few good answers.

The Christmas tree Brush

Also known as the interproximal brush is your saving grace. This is what helps you brush between your brace wires. It gets into all the places a normal brush cannot get into. It is a tiny brush that is placed at a 45-degree angle on a stick and is also super bendable and flexible, so it allows you to clean difficult places without breaking your braces. The orthodontic clinic should give you this brush but in case they do not just make sure to ask for it. Please note that is, however, not a substitute for the normal way of brushing. You need to use a normal brush along with the Christmas tree brush.

After Each Meal

I know it sounds exhausting and even a bit impractical but you have to brush after each and every meal. When you first begin wearing braces this is tough but after a few weeks it becomes a habit. And once you finally get your braces off, you will have realized that all those months of wearing braces have not only paid off but you will also now have very good dental hygiene. Flossing with braces it quite challenging, so you have to ensure that you keep brushing your teeth regularly (more so than the average individual).

It is hard to clean teeth with braces. It takes a lot of effort and even stresses you out sometimes, but remember to just take it one day at a time and everything will be okay. You have to go through a fairly long process to finally get your braces off. But just keep in mind that the cleaner and healthier your teeth are, the better and the quicker the whole experience will be. So hang in there and it will all be over before you know it.

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