How to Choose High-Quality Bedding?

Choosing bedding is all well and good until you need to start thinking about the quality of what you are buying. If you do not choose the right quality bedding, needless to say, you will not be able to enjoy your bedroom and of course you would also have wasted all the money that you spent on the bedding. Sometimes, you would have spent a rather high amount of money thinking that the bigger the price tag, higher the quality but that is not the case always either. Therefore, here are some tips that will help you choose the right types of bedding without too much of a hassle.

How Important Is The Thread Count?

Often a lot of importance is attached to the thread count of bedding like bed blankets and sheets, for example, but how important is this really? The thread count of a fabric is usually the indicator of the smoothness and the durability of the bedding. However, the thread count or in other words the number of threads that have been woven into one square inch of the fabric that you buy may not always be accurate. While the high thread count is important knowing which type of cotton you should buy would actually be more important.

What Is The Highest Quality Cotton Available?

The Egyptian cotton that is 100% pure is of course at the top of the list, no questions asked. The next in line to this title would be the 100% Pima cotton that is also known as Supima. When you buy your bedding, check the label first and if it only says 100% cotton, know that it could actually be referring to the American cotton variety that is rougher than the others and is also a much less expensive alternative. The best thing about Egyptian cotton is that the long fibres used here make for think sheets that are still somehow plush and of course they last you for a way longer time than other cotton varieties would. Wherever there are shorter strands used in the fabric, they can start poking out of the weave after a few washes giving it a rough texture along with a threadbare look that is really not very flattering. This is called pilling. The American Upland cotton has this tendency in comparison with other high-quality cotton like the Supima.

Percale vs. Sateen

Well it is really not like there is a battle here because it is simply a matter of your taste. Percale gives you something that is a plain and matte look with a weave that allows for a crisp and cooling effect. Therefore if you are somebody who tends to sweat a lot in their sleep this would be the best choice for you. Sateen on the other hand has a glossy finish and is also slightly heavier and luxurious. If you tend to sweat a lot this might not be the best option for you but if you need to stay warm, go for it by all means.

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