Helpful Tips on Bending and Cutting Rebar

You may know rebar as the material that is commonly used to reinforce concrete in almost any construction project. However, rebar is becoming increasingly popular for projects in other industries including landscaping and abstract art. For these latter types of endeavours which usually involve making innovative designs, rebar typically needs to be either bent or cut in order to be useful.  So if you’re working on such a project and you need to learn how to manipulate rebar to suit your needs, you’ve come to the right place.

So here are some tips that will help you to become a rebar bending and cutting expert in no time:

Prepare Appropriately

Working with rebar can be dangerous, especially if you don’t take the proper safety measures. Hence before you begin, make sure that you cover yourself with the appropriate protective wear. This includes a long-sleeved shirt, pants, boots, gloves and safety goggles. Keep in mind that you might get rust on your clothes so you may want to wear ones that can be discarded later.

In addition to the protective wear, you also want to allocate an appropriate work space for the task. This work space should ideally be quite spacious since rebar usually comes in lengths that measure upwards of eight feet. Furthermore, since rebar usually produces sparks when being cut into, you should make sure that there are no flammable objects around.

Finally, you will require a sturdy bench that’s adequately sized for the rebar to rest on.

Take an Accurate Measurement

Before you decide where to cut the rebar, take into account the length of the curve after bending. This is something a lot of amateurs neglect and afterwards they find themselves in a scenario where the rebar ends up being shorter or longer than desired after bending. Hence, it’s always best to keep the length of the curve in mind when marking the cutting position. Also make sure the marked position is clearly visible.

Proceed To Cut

After you’ve marked the position accurately, taking into account the curve, it’s time to start cutting. For this you’ll need the appropriate type of saw like a hacksaw or a circular saw. Depending on the thickness of the rebar, you could even use a bolt cutter for the job. To prevent it from moving around, we recommend that you get someone else to hold it in place for you. This person should also wear the proper protective attire. You might want to position the cutting point over the edge of the workbench in order to prevent any damage to it, however, make sure that your foot is out of the way when it drops.

Bend the Rebar

Now that you’ve cut the rebar to the desired length, it’s time to bend it. To do this, place the rebar on the floor and slide it inside a hollow steel pipe, stopping about six inches away from the position where the bend should begin. Afterwards, secure the rebar in place by placing your foot on the section that’s not covered by the pipe. Make sure the foot is positioned six inches away from the desired starting point of the bend. Then grab the steel pipe and slowly lift it upwards until you reach the desired bend angle.

If this method of bending sounds too complicated, you could purchase one of the best rebar benders in the market instead to make the process much easier.

It might take some time for you to perfect the process of cutting and bending rebar. However with regular practice, you’ll soon be able to breeze through the process.

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