Great Gift Ideas for Foodies or Food Lovers

Thinking about what to buy for a friend who is a foodie? You know the gift recipient as a refined palate, so buying a sugary snack from the nearest bakery probably won’t do. There are plenty of other things you can give a food lover other than actual food, which they might already have in batches at home. Here are several gift ideas for foodies you can consider for any occasion:

Gift Cards

Even if you are not a cook, you can still offer a gift foodies can love. Instead of bothering to buy a pre-cooked meal, use that money on a gift card for a restaurant. Find a nice restaurant your foodie friend might love or haven’t visited before. Then get a gift card for that restaurant so your friend can go and enjoy themselves to a great, professionally cooked meal.

Grilling Stuff

Foodies love cooking just as much as they love eating. Surprise your foodie friend or colleague with a great set of BBQ equipment. For example, you can get cast iron grilling plates and advanced tongs your friend will really appreciate. Even if your friend has grilling area (she or he probably does), they would still love innovative new accessories that makes barbequing a lot more fun and easy.

Cake Stands

Does your foodie lover have an actual cake stands? We are used to placing full cakes in plates and other such dishes. That completely leaves the allure of the cake. Bring out the beauty and the deliciousness of the cake with an actual marble cake stand. White marble is particularly preferred because of the material’s sturdiness as well as beauty.  A marble cake stand will be an incredible addition to any kitchen.

Branded Tableware

Branded tableware is expensive, but the price you pay me be well worth it. Your foodie gift recipient would love nothing more than stylish new tableware. Chic plates and stylish cutlery go splendidly well with fancy, exotic and otherwise atypical meals your foodie friend loves to serve at gatherings. So a sensible gift of unique tableware will not go unappreciated. This is also a great choice of gift for more formal recipients like colleagues.


What goes really well with that fatalistic dinner exploding with flavour? A great wine of course. If you are not really sure what your food loving friend might light, always go with wine. This is a versatile gift for any occasion. If you are gifting a really close friend, you can get away with a wine bottle under a hundred dollars. For a colleague, a boss, or an important client, buy an expensive wine bottle befitting the occasion. It would be a solid gift that no one will harbor ill feelings against.

Dried Herb Sets

Food lovers will always have a use for dried herbs. You can buy these in various ways, in affordable sets or in more expensive container collections. In any case, your friend will certainly appreciate this gift because it’s something he or she will always be able to use.

Use one of the gift ideas to show your appreciation to a food lover in a way the recipient will never forget.

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