A Beautiful Betrothal Ceremony on a Boat

Your wedding is referred to as the ‘big’ day for many reasons. Apart from the fact that you will be making a major, life-changing move on this day along with that very special person you’ve chosen, your big day becomes special because it is a ‘once in a lifetime’ one. That is why you would plan on doing making the most exquisite arrangements to mark this life event and make it the most cherished one in both your lives. So, how you choose to glorify the ceremony is entirely up to you and your partner. You may opt for extravagance and grandeur, which many prefer, or you could go for the simple yet elegant and classy arrangement.

A Floating Celebration

One of the top wedding celebration ideas that many fancy is a celebration on a boat. If you are an out of the box thinker, you would consider the idea of reception halls, hotels, or even outdoor celebrations as too mainstream. That’s when you would want to opt for something much more exciting, like celebrating on a double-decked cruise ship. Well, obviously, you are less likely to be cruising along during the celebration, but you can always celebrate in the middle of the stillness of a lake, under a starry night, floating on the tranquil waters. You may think this to be a complex idea and question the possibilities. But, having your special day organized in the manner is no big deal, at all! All you would require is a trusted vessel and friendly and corporative crew members who will extend their full support to make sure you have a blast.

When compared to a regular, hotel celebration, your floating wedding isn’t going to be any less exciting or beautiful. In fact, the experience will offer you three times the splendour. There will be nothing that is not offered to grace your celebration. From champagne, to music, dancing, amazing food and exquisite décor, you can have them all!

Boat Transfers

In case you’ve already made up your mind or booked your hotel venue for your big day in advance, but badly want to add some excitement to the occasion, you can still opt for boat hire to use it for transfer. If you look up wedding transfers boat hire Sydney, you will see exactly what this means. If you are celebrating at a seaside or lakeside hotel, you can opt for a stylish vessel to escort the bride to the venue from across the lake. Watching your bride come floating generously in a beautifully lit up carrier would be the kind of sight that would give you the butterflies and the joy that you deserve on your special day. You may also use the transfer at the end of the ceremony, for transferring the married couple to the destination, adding some intense romance to the start of a new life.

Using rare ideas for your wedding is what makes it the highlight moment of your life. Instead of using décor and entertainment to beautify your celebration, you’d rather think of creating an ‘experience’ which is what stays in your hearts a lifetime.

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