6 Simple Ways You Can Help Protect Wildlife

With increased urbanization and deforestation, wildlife across the world are facing very real threats to their existence.  You might think this is a problem for the authorities to solve but the fact of the matter is that you yourself could make a difference. Here are some easy ways you can help protect wildlife and support their rehabilitation.

Support Ivory Bans

Many elephants are hunted and killed inhumanely for ivory. Legal markets are just a front for illegal trades and poaching.  What you can do is show your support for ivory bans and elephant campaigns. As the numbers of elephants steadily dwindle, each of our voices count.

Responsible Vacationing

Before you go on vacation research the country you’re going to. Does it support wildlife protection-and how? If you go, will you be encouraging wildlife abuse? Elephant rides are a perfect example of this. The process of taming elephants for rides includes trapping wild calves and taking them away from their mother or taking those bred in captivity and putting them through a series of grueling sessions that includes physical abuse. Likewise, be careful about what you show your support towards when holidaying.

Barrier Protection

If you work in agricultural production, you probably have a pretty good idea of what kind of problems birds can cause when it comes to your crops. They can also ruin a household garden, a playground, parking lots etc. These types of birds are known as pest birds and there are many harmful ways people deal with them, including pesticides and other machinery. These methods also affect birds that do not cause damage; those that help pollinate your crop and take care of smaller bugs. The safest way to address this issue in a manner that will protect birds is to install bird netting.

Chemical Safety

Cosmetic products and soaps contain plastic micro-beads. These toxic micro-beads end up passing through sewage treatment plans where they end up in the ocean, killing fish and various other marine life. Many states have banned such products but you should still be aware of which of your daily cosmetic products may be having such toxic chemicals and stay clear of them.


Plastic campaigns have been gaining popularity across the world and if you’re serious about helping wildlife, this is a great place to start. The use of plastics plays a major role in ocean pollution since it takes hundreds of years at most to break down. Not only do they contaminate our waters but they kill, strangle and suffocate the marine animals that encounter it. Reduce your use of plastic, re-use that which you already have and recycle those that you need to get rid of.

Sustainable Consumerism

Consume and support the growth of sustainable measures and products. Become an informed consumer of the foods you eat- you might be encouraging the over-fishing of a species into extinction by ordering certain meals.

There is plenty of research that can be done on this matter and plenty more ways you can take a step to support animals across the globe. Share your knowledge with your friends and don’t forget to practice what you preach.

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