6 best tricks in the book to look young even as you age

There is nothing like being able to look young even as the numbers of your age increases. But if you want to remain this way there is a lot you should be doing. And the first starts from taking better care of your skin. Here are some more of the best tricks you need to know to maintain that youthful look.

Use less makeup

As much as you think that makeup helps you hide all those wrinkles better than any wrinkles treatment singapore, it can only do so much.

So packing on the layers with makeup is only going to make it harder on your skin and pores. If you want to hold to healthy skin for as long as you think you can, then reduce the use of makeup.


When the dead skin cells collect on your face they form a whole other layer preventing the new skin from forming. As they grow in number, it turns darker in color making you look the completely opposite of what you are aiming at. So if you want to have fresh skin that is pink and rosy, then exfoliate regularly.

Change to bangs

There is nothing better than bangs that hides all those wrinkles on your forehead. So give yourself a new look by cutting bangs and hiding those wrinkles at the same time!

Get a pedicure

No matter how awesome the pair of shoes you are wearing may seem, if your feet look wrinkly and scaly, the beauty of the shoes are hidden once and for all. The only thing that would be highlighted then would be the ugly and tired feet. To avoid this from happening, make sure that you give your feet equal importance as your face and nails. Get a pedicure or at least exfoliate occasionally.

Use navy eyeliner

Even though you might have been making the black liner work all these years, as you age the color of your eyes tends to turn yellowish. In this case, if you were to use black it would be highlighting your eyes in all the wrong ways. So swap to a navy shade liner that would make your eyes pop better!

Use the right foundation

If you have age spots that you aren’t too confident of showing to the world, use the right shade of foundation to hide them. Seal it with powder and you are good to go!

In addition to the above, you could use mascara to bring out your lashes more and a curler to have them shaped right. This way your eyes would give out the young and natural vibe that would automatically make everything else in your face seem youthful! The trick is to use this right.

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