3 Major Problems When You Don’t Recycle Technological Devices

The problem with computers and other electronic devices is that their life span is short. If you maintain and repair it consistently you could get a lot more use out of it but after a while it will die out. Even if it doesn’t die out you are probably just going to buy a newer version which has better features. Both are a possibility. So there would come a point when you have to dispose of these old devices. A lot of people would just throw it away because they don’t need it and some would recycle it. The latter is the way to go because there is just too much harm that occurs if you decide to just throw these old devices away. Here’s why.


Just because your device stops working doesn’t mean there can’t be other problems that could occur. Just like a dead body starts to decompose well your devices will too. The metal on most devices are toxic and poisonous which will seep into the groundwater making it unsustainable. When your devices lay at the landfill they would also warm up which will then release these chemicals into the atmosphere making the air poisonous. According to the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States there are an estimated 5 billion pounds of electronic waste of which only 10% was recycled. So you can imagine with that much amount of electronic waste how badly it is affecting areas where this waste gets dumped.

Developing Countries

If you look at the bigger picture these electronic waste do end up in countries that cater to this waste. Countries like China, for profit, would take this waste and put in a landfill. Unlike most countries there isn’t much incentives provided by the government of these countries to recycle. So instead of throwing them away you could just look for an electronic waste disposal in singapore where you devices can be taken and recycled.

Data Security

Once you get rid of your computers and smartphones it becomes fair game for anybody who finds it. So if garbage disposable companies find your devices you never know what could happen. Someone might just try to hack into your phone or computer and could find unwanted information. You could always give it to shops who want to buy it as they would make sure that the data would be wiped cleaned and reformatted for the purposes of selling it again. This ensures that no compromising data gets seen by others.

These are three biggest risks that can occur if you start throwing away your technological devices. There are easier and safer ways to get rid of it like selling you phone or giving it away for free.

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